Police Chief Accused Of Playing Video Games On Department’s Only Computer

Today, a Police Chief from Florida has been accused of playing video games on duty. Doug Foster the Police Chief of Umatilla, for last nineteen years has been suspended for ten days for not doing his job properly. The staff under Foster has complained for his negligence towards them, along with several other charges.

He has been found guilty for seven charges and quiet surprisingly the contention that topped the list is, playing video games during office hours. The staff has complained that, Foster used the only computer present in the police station for online gaming, which otherwise was used for office work and reporting. The occupation of the computer by the Chief during the working hours added load onto other staff members as they had to work overtime.

Other accusations include the use official staff to carry out his personal dealing; refraining from the crime scene, and made his staff to present him with the list of medication that they are using etc.

I believe this suspension won’t do much harm to our Chief, since now he has the legal license to play games 24-7 rather 24-10!!!!