Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Fact Sheet

Activision has finally revealed much-anticipated multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. During Call of Duty XP event, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling took the stage and spilled the beans on everything to know about Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer – game modes, new perks, and a replacement for controversial killstreaks made the headlines.

The main concern during the development of the Modern Warfare 3 seems to its multiplayer component and balance of game. So, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have removed most of the over-powered elements from the game such as One Man Army, game-ending nukes, shotguns as secondary weapons and the Commando and Last Stand Perks.

Killstreaks have been replaced with entirely with new point streaks. Now, players will rewarded not just for racking up kills, but for assists and for completing objectives. This would also help change the mentality of campers, who just hold a place to rack up kills and in turn earn a killstreak reward. The point streak system is divided into three selectable ‘strike packages’, each of which is optimized for different play style.

You can choose Strike Package, and racking up kills and destroy equipment and vehicles to select from a range of streak rewards including access to ‘Strafe Run’ at nine kills and a heavily armored juggernaut suit at 15 kills, as well as attack drones.

You can choose Support Strike Package, and earn points by completing objectives which rack up even after your death. You can then use these points on rewards like ballistic vests, airdrop, traps, recon drones, counter-UAVs and the ability to call in a recon juggernaut.

Finally, you can choose Specialist Package which is aimed at √©lite players and opens up additional perks with every new kill threshold. You can gain up to three extra perks alongside standard three options but to keep things balanced, you won’t be able to call in air strikes or gain tactical support from your team.

There are 28 different point streak rewards to choose from, enough variety for you to try and test what works best for you. Ever increasing list of perks have been updated with few new additions.

‘Recon’ perk will help you mark your targets on mini map, ‘Blind Eye’ will make you undetectable from air support or sentries, ‘Assassin’ perk makes you invisible to UAVs and portable radars. ‘Quickdraw’ provides faster aiming, ‘Stalker’ will make you move faster while aiming and ‘Marksman’ will help you find your targets at range.

Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist Infinity Ward concluded these changes by saying:

We think this is the deepest experience we’ve ever created. We’ve made more profound additions and changes to the core multiplayer experience in MW3 than we have in any other chapter. We’re supporting a larger variety of play styles than ever before. This is the most balanced multiplayer experience than we’ve ever done.

Weapon progression system has also been changed in Modern Warfare 3 and in essence, it replaces the currency system in Black Ops. As you build experience with a particular gun, it gains its own XP, which can then be spent on upgrades such as attachments, reticule and camo designs. You can also unlock and select different ‘Weapons Proficiencies’.

These are like attachment or modes to the weapons which increase the effectiveness of the particular weapon. If I remember correctly, SOCOM 4 has similar sort of weapon progression system with weapon specific skills/XP in turn unlocking weapon specific attachments/mods/upgrades.

In attachments, we have holographic sights and a dual scopes providing both close and long-rage sight. They are different versions of these attachments for every class, so don’t worry

There are five classes in Modern Warfare 3. The grenadier is your standard assault option with a Heckler & Koch G36c assault rifle as primary, First Recon is your rush-attack type with Heckler & Koch UMP SMG and an MP-412 revolver, Overwatch class is your explosive class with MK46 LMG and Mark 153 SMAW rocket launcher and then you have Scout Sniper for ranged combat with .50 cal Barrett sniper rifle and finally, Riot Control equipped with nightmarish Armsel Striker, a shotgun with a 12-round rotary cylinder.

There are total 40 weapons in Modern Warfare 3 with intriguing new additions. There is this, XM25 20mm grenade launcher that lets you surprise people hiding behind the cover. The fun part is, you can send the grenades using its projectile through the window into the enemy stronghold with no chance to escape the obvious.

There will be 16 maps in Modern Warfare 3 that are set on varied locations. My favorite was the blast-damaged tube station with burned trains all around. Modern Warfare 3 will introduce two new multiplayer modes and that are: Kill Confirmed and Team Defender.

In Kill Confirmed, you have to collect the dog tags that appear above downed enemies to gain the points from a kill. However, if a teammate of your enemy gets to the tags first, the kill gets canceled. It can be one of the more tactical games and interesting at the same time. In Team Defender, two sides fight to gain possession of a single flag and then gain points for holding it as long as they can.

Private Matches in Modern Warfare 3 will allow participants to play with the game settings to create user-generated game modes. Elite subscribers will be able to submit their game modes to online votes and the best will be made available to public. Modern Warfare 3 will have several private game mode templates to help you along with the user-generated content.

These templates include ‘Drop Zone’ where you must hold the zone for team points and care packages; ‘Infection’ where the infected team kills the opposing team members to bring them across to the sick side; and ‘Juggernaut’ in which players must kill the juggernaut and then take on the role themselves. If that wasn’t enough, Infinity Ward has brought back few of the fun aspects of Black Ops – One in the Chamber and Gun Game.

Moving to co-op Spec Ops mode – There will be two options: Survival mode which we have already seen at E3, in which two players face waves of enemies with enemies getting tougher with every new wave, earning XP/cash to buy weapons, equipment and airstrikes. Then there is, Mission mode which gives players new time-trial and objective-based missions to play through with a friend. Spec Ops mode has separate ranking and progression system making it an entirely different thing.

Modern Warfare 3 will also include a Universal Player Card, which rewards all your achievements from every Call of Duty game you have played on your machine, with attendant loyalty rewards. There is also a special Prestige Shop which provides a range of in-game rewards every time a player prestiges. Support for dedicated servers on PC, with server browsers and ability to control your own server with custom rules.

They have gone with the blast, haven’t they ? revealing almost everything that has been re-worked and introduced into an already successful formula but you can’t blame them for doing that. Why fix it if it ain’t broke. Modern Warfare 3 is coming November 8, 2011 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.