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Anxiety Therapy Combined With Video Games

How often do we get ourselves into helpless zone, where we are unable to make decisions, lack in proper co-ordination, and as result we get frustrated. These are some of the few preliminary symptoms of stress. Our lives compared to our parents’, grandparents’ and their parents’ are quiet stressful. Yet we cannot do much about it!

Unfortunately we are living in an age where history is written per nanosecond. To match the pace and being able to compete in an arena we take much pain, which usually results in stress.

It seems impossible to eradicate stress from this life, but there are measures that can be taken for releasing it. Some of them are therapeutic which are opted by very few, while majority prefers to do it by self devised mechanism. One of these self opted channels for stress release is gaming. Over the last two decades the numbers of individuals who opt for gaming as their safety exit have grown enormous.

To understand the co-relation between the games and stress releasing mechanism, a team of scientist has started working over it at Rochester Institute of Technology in coordination with St’ John Fisher college. They plan to develop a video game that can use biofeedback technology, which will allow them to study the person and in result it will help the players to cater with their anxiety and stress.

The use of physiological controllers in a personalized game platform allows us to help our patients help themselves in a new way,” says Dr. Laurence Sugarman, director of the Center for Applied Psychophysiology and Self-Regulation in RIT’s College of Health Sciences and Technology

The game revolves around the player as it allows assessment of the individual, while turning them into a game character. So while playing the game these players learn the skill of dealing with their stress and anxiety. All this is done by the biosensors present in game hardware that allow determining the feedback of the player in different scenarios during the game.

This game seems to be the pioneer in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy with biofeedback technology and customizable options. It can provide an extensive therapist role that provides fun, engaging platform for therapeutic change, along with collection of data on psycho physiological change.

It appears pretty interesting, let us see whether this game is able to unfold the complexity of human mind or not?