Portal 2 Sold More On PC Than Consoles

By   /   Aug 30, 2011

Portal 2 was good enough to sell over 3 million copies till June. Valve’s Gabe Newell told Gamasutra that more copies were sold on PC than consoles:

We can never predict; I mean we just try to build good games and then we tend to be surprised. Portal 2 did better on the PC than it did on the consoles; Left 4 Dead did better on the consoles than it did on the PC.

So you know we don’t try to guess, because we’re not sure what value there is to guessing. We’ve never had a situation where we said, ‘We really, really want to build something that is more popular for the console guys.’ Because usually we have a bunch of other higher priority problems we want to solve. So we’re glad that people want to play our games wherever they want to play.

It’s a good thing that they focus on game instead of targeting a particular group. They are PC friendly, I would say. He also appreciated the fact that Sony has allowed Steam on PS3 and fans seem to be happy about that.

Portal 2 customers on the PlayStation 3 are really happy. So I feel good about that. I think that they’re going to be more happy in the future as we take advantage of the capabilities that we have on the PlayStation 3 that we don’t have on the 360,” he said. “It definitely seems that Sony is more willing to allow those things. I think that Sony’s made a really smart set of decisions about their approach, and that they’ll continue to garner more and more benefits from that approach going forward

So console fans, did you enjoy Portal 2 ?

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