Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Keeping The Franchise Alive

By   /   Aug 27, 2011

Counter-Strike is a game that is all about teamwork, quick reflexes and skills; we know it, everyone who plays/played CS knows it, and all those folks planning to experience the game should know it. This is the very game that probably gave definition to the term ‘competitive gaming’, and has inspired many other games, including the Call of Duty 4 series.

No, this isn’t an outdated article, or one that commends CS for its revolutionary multiplayer, but an article that brings to you details about the latest Valve has to offer in Counter-Strike, and that is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Don’t mistake this for Counter-Strike 2, because it simply isn’t. You could say that it is an ‘expansion’ of the multiplayer game – if the term ‘expansion’ really applies to this multiplayer genre. The franchise isn’t being reinvented – it’s just being refurnished, and presented in a cleaner, fresher way to both the veterans of the game and the console owners who have wished to get their hands on a competitive multiplayer shooter.

If you are a regular CS player, or were one, you’ll notice a few changes in the game, though none of them are too wild. You’ll still have to plant bombs in maps like Dust, and rescue hostages in other maps such as Office.

Maps like Dust 2 are almost completely unchanged, whereas some maps such as the original Dust and Aztec have gotten notable physical changes, making certain areas more spacious and allowing for more tactical team-play.

Another addition to the game is the match-making aspect, possibly a feature that is more oriented towards consoles. While the term ‘match-making’ is mostly considered blasphemous in the views of a competitive PC-gamer, this will allow console owners to immediately get into 5v5 games in relatively small maps. Valve has also implemented an ELO-system to keep up balance in the instant match-making feature; you’ll be plunged into 5v5 games with the other players having the same rank/level as yours.

While this feature is available for all the platforms that the game will be released for, the PC version gives its users the liberty of not choosing to use it. Instead, PC users will be able to set up custom matches. Valve assures that the custom match system will have the same flexibility as the one in Counter-Strike: Source.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the bomb-planting mode remains almost the same as the way it was in the previous CS games. However, a few notable changes have been made. Armor purchase is slightly different, and the purchase of defusal kits has been totally eliminated. Instead, two random players from the Counter-Terrorist team will get defusal kits at the beginning of each round.

This is a great change, because money is essential in Counter-Strike, and it doesn’t come flowing easily. The level of competition in this game – particularly among PC-gamers – is so immense that at the end saving each and every bit of cash in the game counts. Cash can be collected by winning rounds or getting kills, but if you’re losing rounds consistently, then you shouldn’t expect yourself to be scoping people with the one-shot-kill AWP sniper rifle.

Another interesting addition is the Molotov Cocktail. It’s expensive, but it is a rather interesting projectile to use, as it causes sort of Area of Effect damage rather than burst damage. Throw a Molotov cocktail in a certain area and a sheet of fire will erupt over there.

Anyone on the carpet of flames will take constant damage over time. However, it doesn’t actually set one on fire, as moving out of the fire will stop the damage being taken. The weapon is a clever way of taking out or crippling multiple enemies, or defending specific areas.

One other addition is the Zeus stun gun. Yes, it’s a joke weapon, and it’s quite difficult to get a kill from one. But it’ll be interesting what veterans might be able to do with it, as the gun can act as a way of humiliating opponents.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still in early development, and Valve does have a few additional surprises in store. It’s a great opportunity for console-owners to get their hands on one of the most famous multiplayer FPS games of all time, and an equally great opportunity for the PC-owners to get new reasons to play this harsh-but-fantastic shooter.

What matters most is that Global Offensive still feels and plays like Counter-Strike. The no-mercy nature of the game still exists, and the intensity of every round can still eat your guts; it still takes skills to be one who regularly owns in this game. With the addition of the Molotov cocktail, refurnishing of the maps and a slightly different presentation, Global Offensive is aiming to keep the franchise alive for another additional few years.

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