Watch The Documentary On The Tech Behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution

By   /   Aug 26, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been released to masses and everyone has been enjoying the cyberpunk shooter so far. Square Enix has released a documentary about the real-life tech that transformed Adam Jensen. Adam Jensen has been transformed into a mechanically augmented cyborg whose augmentations give him range of super human powers. It’s 2027, but still, it’s the authenticity of the science behind augmentations is debatable.

Considering these questions, Square Enix hired a Canadian Filmaker Rob Spence to explore the current state of physical augmentations and augmented reality displays. I don’t want to spoil what’s inside this documentary by detailing bits and pieces of the storyline, so I would just leave you with this – It’s all about augmentations and how they can help the society in the modern day. Only thing you should be concerned about are brief medial operation scenes, if they bother you. Everything else is pretty promotional.

If you have no idea what so ever about Augmentations, read our Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmentations Guide.

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