Rage Gearhead Trailer Gives You A Reason To Fight

By   /   Aug 26, 2011

Rage Gearhead Trailer gives you a reason to fight and yes, you will be the savior of the post-apocalyptic World one way or another. The Gearhead bandits are trying to get hold of ultimate power supply by combining Feltrite and Plutonium.

If they succeed, they will hold the ultimate weapon that can be unleashed anytime and result would be catastrophe. Why ? because the smart-headed mayor of Subwaytown wants it all to himself, which makes him a greedy bastard who would do anything for his personal gains.

You get the idea right ? It’s your duty to stop the bandits succeed in their goal and save the lives of many or make the mayor happy, for now. After all, you are a hero!

Good Luck!

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