Forza 4 Will Feature Halo 4’s Warthog

By   /   Aug 26, 2011

Halo fans that also play Microsoft’ renowned racing sim Forza will be excited to know that the Warthog of the upcoming Halo 4 will be featured in Forza 4. The Warthog model will be full featured in the game and in its Autovista mode.

No, Jeremy won’t be the one verbally explaining the car, but instead it Cortana will be giving information about the different physical aspects of the vehicle. Players will be able to open doors, look around the car, sit in it and even start it.

The Warthog will be a well-hidden Easter Egg, and it won’t be usable on race tracks either. That means no four-wheel driving around the Top Gear track. The Warthog will be viewable this weekend at HaloFest in Seattle. You can watch it in action in the trailer that follows:

It will be a well hidden easter egg, so good luck finding it.

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