The God Father: Five Famililies Is A Descent Mafia Game For Facebook

By   /   Aug 25, 2011

Indies developers like Kabam Studios are always busy in bringing something exciting for the fans in the free-to-play arena. The Godfather: Five Families is yet another proof of their efforts.

This browser based game will allow players to act as a member of one of the five mafia families and with the passage of time, as they earn respect, they will be able to make their own gang within a family and ultimately becoming a don of the respective faction.

With the initial look at the game, first question that popped up in my mind was how the game will differ from other social games like Mafia Wars and Farmville etc on Facebook? It will work more or less like a strategy game in which players will build structures to gather resources which then can be used to make units to attack other families and expand their gang and build more structures.

Players won’t have to rely on other players mostly to lend them points or resources which usually happens in most of the Facebook games. The Combat in the game will work on rock-paper-scissors balancing dynamic in which families and units can have advantage over others in certain aspects.

The tracking system will keep track of the status of different families through which players will be able to estimate the dominance/strength of a particular faction. Since it’s a browser based game, you can’t expect your character to perform some live flashy move but still the artwork is quite appreciable.

We will be able to play this game on Facebook this fall but those who are already itching to get their hands on it can sign up for the closed beta for the time being.

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