Serious Sam 3: BFE To Launch in October

By   /   Aug 24, 2011

I bet you have followed Croteam to announced their plans to release Serious Sam 3 and you have been, today is your luck day. Croteam has announced that Serious Sam 3:BFE will launch on PC on October 18.

You like Steam ? OK! Pre-order the game on Steam and get a 10% discount. If you already own a Serious Sam game on Steam, you get an additional 10% discount. Everyone who pre-orders the game will get an exclusive multiplayer avatar of For Parker, CFO of publisher Devolver Digital. Fork Parker calls all the fans to quickly pre-order so that he can pay for his wife’s expensive ‘boob-job’. Ahh, OK That’s a bit hilarious but we like Sam so FINE.

Getting Hilarity aside, Croteam’s Davor Hunski gives you a more logical reason to pre-order the game by stating that Serious Sam 3 is “the best Serious Sam game we have ever made”. Still not convinced ? check these screenshots.

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