Portal 2 Inspired ‘Portal: No Escape’ Feature Fan Film Released

By   /   Aug 24, 2011

How has your Portal 2 adventure been ? Well, if it was anything close to good, I am sure you would like the idea of a film adaption. Why ? Well Portal 2 is so…Sci-Fi. OK, I get you need some inspiration before making this decision.

Here it is, a feature fan film by Dan Trachtenberg that brings Aperture Labs to life, and you can watch it here courtesy of Youtube. Trachtenberg has been more involved in making commercials for the likes of Lexus, Nike and Coke.

It took 1.5 years to shot this film so you can imagine the hard work that went in to create this short mini-clip of sort. It’s titled Portal: No Escape.

Did you get the science of landing on the other side of the building ? I didn’t really get it the first time.

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