Lionhead Is Developing Fable IV – Rumor For Now

By   /   Aug 23, 2011

Peter Molyneux has had hard time recently and there are several reasons for it. Whatever enthusiasm he was left with the average Fable III performance was certainly questioned by the poor demonstration of Fable: The Journey. But it seems, nothing has affected his plans to develop another Fable title.

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine has speculated that a full sequel to Fable is already in development at Lionhead studios and is due out in 2013. Even if we are to take it as a news, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are already working on another Fable title since Fable is one of Microsoft’s first party games and there aren’t many.

We are already in the Industrial Revolution phase in Fable so it would be interesting to see where Peter Molyneux takes us with the next installment of Fable game. While we wait for official announcement, let’s talk which one out of three Fable games is your favorite. I take the first ‘original’ Fable game.

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