Bastion Upgrade Materials Guide

To upgrade the weapons the kid can utilize materials rescued during exploration, granted as prizes in the Proving Grounds, or bought from the Lost-and-Found. In Bastion, every weapon has 3 upgrade levels, with 2 alternatives for every level. Updating the Forge opens two extra levels for every weapon. Weapons that are completely redesigned leave a light purple molecule trail behind their shots.

All weapons with the exception of the Cael Hammer have this impact. Every time that you collect anĀ  upgraded material, you are awarded with 50 XP. We have already detailed weapons and upgrades in our Bastion Weapons guide, so we will only talk about weapons upgrade materials in this guide.

There are total 11 types of materials corresponding to all the weapons in Bastion – all these materials have their own distinct features. Below you will find everything you need to know about these materials.

Bastion Upgrade Materials


Something Sharp
It can be used as an upgrade material for the War Machete. It can be a batch of zulwood leaves that you should avoid holding bare handed.

Something Nasty
You’ll be able to use it as an upgrade material for the Fang Repeater. They were never controlled by the city but the Calamity did. They are a bunch of prickly bones from a carrion critter.

Something Heavy
It can be used as an upgrade material for the Cael Hammer, and can also be used for all way of industry as they are the staple diet of Gasfellas.
They may exit in the form of a chunk of precious alloy and are located deep underground.

Something Stringy
The Breaker’s Bow can use it as an upgrade material. It is a stretch of meesegut which is prized by bowyers and peltball fans. It is the reason for the popularity of meese hunting.

Something Greasy
It can be used as an upgrade material for the Dueling Pistols. It is a mechanical lubricant in a tin of rattle tail oil which is extracted from a species of subterranean pest.

Something Coarse
It is favored by the machinists containing in a coil of refined alloy. You can use it to make firing mechanisms and ammunition. For Scrap Musket, it can be used as an upgrade material.

Something Wrong
The Calamity Cannon can use it as an upgrade material. It is unseen prior to the Calamity in a flake of unusual rock. It is heavy and feels like bone.

Something Foul
Use is to upgrade the Fire Bellows and the rank smelling fuel lasts long as well as burns clean. Highly volatile and is a rag smothered in cauldrons ash.

Something Pointy
This material is aged to perfection and is a strip of knifebark. You’ll be able to use it as an upgrade material for Brusher’s Pike and is also respected and feared by woodcutters as well as blacksmiths.

Something Burnt
It is a slab of burstone which is blown lopside during the Calamity. Use it to upgrade the Galleon Mortar. This material is highly resistant to heat and is forged in flame already.

Something Fancy
It was once used for work and recreation as a clockwork organizer.mUse it to upgrade the Army Carbine.

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