Bastion Secret Skills Guide

By   /   Aug 23, 2011

Secrets Skills are your savior when things go wrong or you get cornered in Bastion. Knowing the best combination of secret skills and character build will help you survive toughest of situations. And, you would only know what’s best for you once you know everything about what options you have. For this reason, we have this Secret Skills guide that will give you all the details on the effectiveness of each secret skill and situations it is best suited for.

Bastion Secret Skills

Whirl Wind
This strike can damage multiple enemies at once and is a skill for the Cael Hammer. It is developed by the wrecking teams of the ‘City Masons’

Stunning Wallop
The skill can stun any enemy in the range and acts as a crushing attack. On the rippling walls, the stonework is to be lodged in place with this move. It is used by the Cael Hammer.

Snooze Dart
The targeted foe will loose its consciousness as the bolt is coated with a high sedative and is used by the Fang Repeater. It’s considered unsportsman like by the Trappers.

Bolt Burst
Mainly a Flang Repeater Skill, damage is dealth by a spiral of bolts in every direction. You can rely on the skill when you get surrounded.

Ghost Blade
This skill will slice any enemy that comes in its way and is used by the War Machete. It was mastered by an Old Graver who went missing in the cave and returned with this move.

Graver Slash
War Machete uses it as a skill and this move can penetrate even through the strongest armor due to its lightening fast flurry of strikes. There is a dispute about the origin of this technique.

Breaking Volley
Used as a skill by the Breaker’s Bow and delivers arrow after arrow rapidly. It is devised by the Breakers’ most renowned archery instructor.

Duel Decider
Dueling Pistols use it as a skill to deliver a devastating shot at the enemies most weakest parts. Once this technique was revealed, the practice of dueling was ceased.

Slinger Storm
A countless rapid fire of bullets that can take out multiple enemies. It is used by the Dueling Pistols and this skill was perfected by the Slingers.

Scarp Salvo
This skill being used by the Scrap Musket will overcompensate the slow rate of fire by providing a series of blasts. In times of war, it was used by the Marshals.

Final Warning
A number of projectiles will fall like rain over an area when a blast is sent straight up in the air. The Scrap Musket uses it as a skill and is effective too.

Trigger Blitz
This shot is aimed for the vitals of an enemy and it was used by the Army’s Triggers in times of battle to favor their own side. The skill is adopted by the Army Carbine.

Breaching Bullet
It is an explosive bullet that will explode on impact and is used as skill by the Army Carbine. No one yet denies its effectiveness in the battle.

Brushers Sweep
This technique lashes out all the enemies in range and is created by the founder of Brushers who fought against the Ura. Brusher’s Pike adopts it a skill.

Pike Vault
The wielder can jump down on the enemies by using this trick.Used as a skill by the Brusher’s Pike and being adopted during battles.

Calamity Rockets
Adopted by the Calamity Cannon as a skill to generate a flurry of rockets.The result in the end may be unexpected.

Mancer Missile
The name indicates that it will spread destruction on contact and the Calamity Cannon takes it as a skill. The Calamity was caused by a prototype of this weapon.

Burning Carousel
The skill used by the Fire Bellows can cause a spin attack while spouting flames.This trick was invented by a circus performer.

Ring of Fire
This technique causes a wall of flame to move through the locality and is adopted by the Fire Bellows as a skill. It was created by the waste incinerators.

Bomb Barrage
The Galleon Mortar takes it as a skill that fire tubes with many shells that launch continuously.

Turret Suprise
This shell splits on impact which protects the user as a Security Turret.Used first by the Caelondian armada and is adopted by the Galleon Mortar as a skill.

Mirror Shield
It is a secret skill that will act as a shield blocking all the oncoming attacks. It got famous in the Bullhead Court.

Sneaky Decoy
It will draw all the enemies attention towards itself as a decoy allowing the user to become almost invisible. The Brushers used this secret skill to take out unawared targets.

Trapper Snare
It was used by the Trappers for hunting.This secret skill immobilizes enemies in the locality.

Squirt Lure
This secret skill will summon a Squirt companion to help the user in tough situations.It is useful at various situations like birthday parties etc etc.

Trip Mine
It acts as a trap that will blow as soon as an enemy draws near.The user’s safety is assured by the spring mechanism of the trap.

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