What is ANNO 2070 ? If Not A Beautiful Simulation

By   /   Aug 22, 2011

Ever wondered what it would feel being an architect? To have the world shaped as you wished? Anno 2070 answers those questions by bringing in the evolved gaming experiences to users. The game is a construction stimulation game that grants the decision making to the users regarding the way they progress in their game.

Each outcome is based on how the user makes the architectural decisions or how he/she looks after the population in the game, fulfilling the needs and focusing on surviving in the given environment.

The game follows in an era where world has been left scratched by the onslaught of water and rapid climatic changes. Players have to progress while trying to survive ecological changes and learning to deploy new technologies.

Players will also see the feature of deciding between fractions; the “Tycoons” and the “Eco”. Each fraction comes in with its own benefits. If you love the story mode, it offer action packed story mode with its own unique challenges, if you like the free play enjoy the free play. IGN got the chance to capture a glimpse of the game at Gamescom 2011, you can watch the short clip below:

The game overall has a nice touch to it, the graphics are top notch with a nifty thrilling touch to the game engine. Specially designed by Related Designs; Anno 2070 itself presents a breathtaking experience for its players.

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