I AM Alive Leaked Cutscene Hints Scarce Resources

By   /   Aug 22, 2011

“I AM ALVE” features around on a story where Adam whose living a normal life is suddenly overtaken by a series of mayhem and chaotic experiences that suddenly befall upon him on a normal day. The character struggles and strives to stay alive while bringing thrilling experiences to the gamer as the story progresses.

I Am Alive has its own troubled past with the awaiting fans, that keep waiting for it to get released, yet it seems the release date keeps coming in and being delayed, this only adds more to the confusion and worry caused for the public.

The first release date came in 2008 but then the game production that was under the French Development “DarkWorks” supervision, then it was shifted to Ubisofts Shanghai dated 2009 to speed up the development.

During the years the news kept coming in and out related to the release of the soon to appear “I AM ALIVE” yet the watchful eyes keep waiting, It was heard that the game would appear on shelves after the Australian Classification Board made a notice for its release in June. The trailers seen on websites are even thought of as leaks of the game build from Darkworks production.

Yet it is still unclear if the game would really make an appearance this year since it was rumored that it has been switched from a full retail to a downloadable version. One such cutscene/trailer supposedly from Darkworks Production’s build has popped up on Youtube. You can watch it below:

It appears that people would have to wait more till they see a copy of I AM ALIVE on the shelves anytime soon or bear with the release dates and the leaked trailers.

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