Everything We Know About Borderlands 2 So Far

By   /   Aug 21, 2011

Borderlands was a game that had its share of goods and bads – on average being a great game, but with a few issues and some very rough in-game patches. What made the game great though was its unique gameplay that combined first-person shooter with RPG content similar to that of Diablo’s. Now Gearbox is planning to make Borderlands 2, the sequel, more than just a continuation of the original, but also one that proudly maintains its unique genre, but with more resilience, both technically and in the gameplay.

One of the most concerning issues with Borderlands was the repetitive environment. There was tons of sand, dust, a bit of more sand, and rocks here and there. The feeling of walking, shooting, and looting in a desert was fine for an hour or so, but it really became almost depressing and vastly empty.

Borderlands 2 will feature more diverse regions. You’ll be looting from enemy corpses in widely stretched grassy fields, snowy canyons, and a bit of the old rock/sand combo – just for the nostalgia.

Borderlands was always about the weapons, and in the sequel you’ll find dozens of both new and familiar weapons. There are still the durability and quality of weapons to look at, so if the pane of information popping up shows a certain weapon isn’t too special, you have the choice of ignoring it, or just picking it up for the fun of it.

Brands of the weapon will determine its properties, with good brands offering lots of damage and generous amount of ammo, while the crappy brands can be used as disposable arms, tossed away once exhausted.


The combat is still all about dealing as much damage to foes as possible, and the shooting mechanics remain more or less the same as those of the original Borderlands. However, there is more challenge involved, since the AI has been improved a notch or two. Now even the maniac psycho bandits will attempt to evade your shots, while the more complex enemies will really give you a tough time, forcing you to look towards a strategy other than the usual trigger-happy one.

Enemies won’t just run towards you with whatever they have in their hands, they’ll at times interact with their allies, and other times even fight each other. When it comes to multiple enemy types attacking you simultaneously, you’ll have to wisely choose which type to eliminate first and which later, otherwise things won’t work out for you too well.

There is also a lot more humor involved in the gameplay, which is a great thing since it really suits the feel of the game. Enemies will foolishly stumble and at times fall when shot in the right places and some enemies will attack in a totally whacky way, such as launching missile pods from the moon. Of course these examples are just one or two of many humorous contents in the game.

The four characters from the predecessor will return in Borderlands 2, but only as NPCs that you encounter throughout the story. Sadly, Gearbox has been pretty quiet about the classes in the game. You can still play as a Siren, and a new class called Gunzerker has unique abilities such as dual-wielding for a limited time. This isn’t your ordinary dual-wielding, because you can even wield a rocket launcher in one hand and a sniper in the other, fully utilizing both for a limited time to puncture your enemies.

There is still no confirmed release date for Borderlands 2, but we do know that it’ll be coming sometime next year. We can expect Gearbox to be putting additional work, and one can’t help but feel that what was revealed at GamesCom was just a glimpse of the real-deal.

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