War of the Roses Is A Medieval Multiplayer Action Game

By   /   Aug 20, 2011

What was once known as Project Postman is now known as War of the Roses. Paradox revealed before that it would be a ‘dream game’, but not even the name was known, until of course a trailer and a few details were released at GamesCom.

War of Roses is basically a medieval multiplayer melee-action game. The game’s setup will be that of the ‘War of Roses’ era of England between 1455 and 1485. It won’t focus on medieval politics, but mainly on the battles between different houses chicaning for control over the kingdom.

The era was also chosen because of its historical importance in warfare and its impact on the medieval era. It was in this era that gun powder was being used in warfare, and chivalry was coming to an end. This created a lot of interesting power-shifts within England, and that is exactly what the game will portray.

“We picked that era because it’s a very exciting time — it’s the death of chivalry, right? They started developing the technology of gunpowder warfare … it started just to creep in, so it created an interesting dynamic,” Van Dyke, the senior producer of the game stated.

“We really want to bring that to the mainstream, that kind of genre of medieval combat, as far as we can. So that people have a broader set of choices besides current combat and military shooters.”

The combat will be mainly arcade-ish and melee-focused, something similar to that of Mount and Blade.  Van Dyke has also stated that they are planning to make a franchise out of the game and its concepts, though he is not quite sure how they are going to brand it.

The initial focus of the developers is the PC, though they may release War of Roses for other platforms later. The Bitsquid Engine being used is an indication of that too, since it is used for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Mac. Nevertheless Van Dyke says they will only think about a console release if the game attains adequate success on the PC first.

There is still no launch window for War of Roses, and insufficient amount of details to get a clear idea of what the game is entirely about. We’re hoping to hear more as time passes.

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