X-Men Destiny Gamescom Trailer Shows Us What Mutants Can Do

By   /   Aug 18, 2011

Silicon Knights have taken an entirely different route with X-Men: Destiny – something that franchise followers haven’t appreciated much. Taking Wolverine out of the game and giving us a new kid on the block who finds himself in the tug-of-war between X-Men and Magneto Brotherhood, is bold attempt to reboot a franchise by a developer who has struggled in their recent history.

Since Silicon Knights failed to capture the interest of the masses with their initial idea, so they have released this Gamescom trailer that reminds us that it’s still about the mutants with their fancy powers, and the iconic mutants will make appearances one way or another.

We are still not totally sure whether this personal journey of the new mutant and these fancy powers would hold our interest for long but it’s a good start.

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