Star Trek Gets First In-Game Footage at Gamescom 2011

By   /   Aug 18, 2011

Remember the coop Star Trek that made a lot buzz at E3 2011 that got almost everyone talking about how interesting it would be to play Kirk and Spock in all new setting and how the developers have finally took some steps in the right direction ? Well, Read our fire blazing preview of the game if you have missed all the chatter. After that, watch this first in-game footage released at Gamescom 2011 to get an idea of what you are going to experience.

If you ask me – It looks heavily inspired by Mass Effect/Dead Space so it comes down to this; Will it stay true to what Star Trek is all about or it will be another random generic Star Trek title we have seen and played before ? It’s definitely not a movie-tie-in, which is good thing since most of the movie-tie-in’ just suck.

Let’s wait for more in-game footage before we conclude anything but your opinions are welcome. Agree or Disagree, sound it off below.

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