Forza Motorsport 4 Gamescom Impressions

By   /   Aug 18, 2011

If you like cars, or watch a hell lot of BBC, you’ll definitely know about Top Gear, and whether you have much affiliation with vehicles, it is a program that turns on even the most casual viewers. I suppose this is the very reason Forza 4 has the Top Gear license, because the game shares the turning-on feature with Jeremy Clarkson’s show.

It’s not just the license that shows the affiliation with the famous show, as the Top Gear track is also featured in the driving sim, with the Hammerhead, Follow-through and Gambon all perfectly recreated. The Reasonably Priced Car segment is also featured, and players can challenge the fastest times set by celebrities on the show by getting behind the wheel in the Kia C’eed.

Then there is the orgasm-giving Autovista feature, which also takes aid of Jeremy’s witty, confident and brutally straightforward descriptions of a given car. Jeremy doesn’t hold back his opinions about any car; if he likes a model, he’ll say so, and if he hated its predecessors or a certain part of it, he’ll even gush that out. The sexy details and visuals of Autovista, with the brilliant commentary of Jeremy and wicked exploitations of the Kinect really are themselves reasons to want to buy the game.

Autovista isn’t the only impressive feature though; even it is the most captivating. The key is to work on subtleties to create a perfect driving experience, whether its amateurs playing the game or professionals (or people who think they are professionals).

The famous Hockenheim track was proudly shown at GamesCom by game director Dan Greenawalt, and it’s just an example of what to expect from Forza 4. Real drivers were asked to test out the track(s) and give feedback. The result is an extremely realistic yet enjoyable experience, so you can expect your car to struggle on the tarmac, shaking the way it would in life. The impact of the track-type, the time of day and conditions directly affect how a car drives, whether it’s a Lambhorghini or a BMW.

You can have a drive with the sun bathing your lush, realistic car model and have no troubles; however you can have a race at night, with minimized visibility and your brake lights that blindingly reflect from the cars in front of you.

The goodies don’t just end there, as it was announced that you would be able to drive the BMW 5 series in Forza 4 before it’s even available in showrooms. Everything seems to be right in Forza 4, the realistic graphics, the mesmerizing Autovista, the inclusion of Top Gear’s awesomeness, and fantastic tracks. In short, Forza 4 is shaping up to be the ideal racing sim of its generation.

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