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By   /   Aug 18, 2011

The Devil May Cry series has a large amount of fans that have been let off by the long silence of the series. They have been skeptic since the announcement of DmC and weren’t exactly impressed by the reboot, but from what we’ve seen of DmC (that’s the acronym Ninja Theory is using for the game), and observing how well its development is being monitored by Capcom, we can say that fans should rest assured.

Capcom hasn’t handed over the game entirely and left to ponder over something else; they are actually making regular scrutinizing visits to Ninja Theory’s offices, and giving vital feedback to the developer folks to get the formula right. The result: a game that will combine the story-telling strength of Ninja Theory with the sleek hack-and-slash combat mechanics of Capcom.

Let’s just first take a ride at what’s coming our way. The first and most shocking thing about the new Devil May Cry is that Dante’s hair is black. Shocking isn’t it? Yes, Dante’s hair is black, because his portrayal is very different from the arrogant but cool I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-ass personality that we loved and were accustomed to.

Why? Because Ninja Theory thinks that the Dante that was made ten years ago doesn’t fit the current gamer’s description of a cool and plausible character. The result is a black haired, relatively plainly clothed teenager with a big sword, two trusted pistols, and a grappling gun. While the old Devil May Cry fans won’t enjoy this new look, it may boost the appeal of the game to reach new sets of gamers.

Ninja Theory hasn’t changed everything we know of Dante – He has retained some of the habits of his old-self; he’s still cocky and is annoyed that he doesn’t have a job. He’s in some European-styled location with tall antique-ish buildings surrounding him when he suddenly gets dragged into an alternate dimension – a sort of limbo, which is the main setting for the entire plot. It sounds very typical of Dante getting into some sort of mayhem, and then smoothly trying to get his way out of it, but this time it reminds you more of Bayonetta than it does of the previous Devil May Cry games.

Thankfully the game doesn’t seem to be repetitive or flat, as was the case with some of the previous games of the series. It’s not ridiculously fast-paced as before, and often in the limbo area you’ll be busy doing stuff other than fighting, such as running endless corridors, escaping from buildings that try to crush you in between them, and many more odd experiences.

The combat is more or less the same as before, but a lot more air-focused. You’ll often lift enemies in the air, do swinging combos with your sword and/or other weapons you take possession of, and blast through them while still airborne with your trusted Ebony and Ivory pistols.

The grappling gun has a great bit of use as well, and acts somewhat like the one in Batman: Arkham Asylum, but with a little less focus on inertia and more on pulling the enemy towards you. This allows for lots of combos that can help in eliminating hordes of enemies.

Dante’s standard form may be little upsetting, but the devil trigger still exists, and this time it transforms him into a deep-red cloaked, white haired guy who looks oh-so-familiar. Yes, the devil trigger transforms Dante into a form that strikingly resembles his older look, so it’s a thing to cherish if you’re an old Devil May Cry fan. While in this form, Dante moves faster, and is able to pull off even more damaging combos both in the air and on the ground.

The character animations are somewhat questionable, because the transition between attacks and form aren’t very fluid, and the killing blows and strategic slow-mo seem to be a twitch in the combat fluidity. We really hope that this is taken care of in the final game, as fluid movements and connecting one combo with another was a trademark feature of the previous Devil May Cry games.

The fourth chapter of Devil May Cry may have been disappointing, but if enough attention is given and adequate work is done by Ninja Theory, DmC may shape up to be one of the most memorable and unique game of the entire series.

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