Silent Hill: Book of Memories Detailed

By   /   Aug 17, 2011

We haven’t heard much about Silent Hill: Book of Memories since it was announced back at E3 except the fact that it is a Playstation Vita title. At Konami’s GamesCom press conference, it spilled the beans on the details about the game.

Book of Memories is a top-down coop multiplayer shooter similar to Sanctum of Slime. All players can create a custom create and receive a book full of memories, which they can rewrite through the course of playing the game. It’s a downloadable title hence has its own charm – it includes all the weapons from the entire series, including the signature monster Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is in development at WayForward and is set to release sometime after Silent Hill: Downpour. No release window yet.

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