First Artwork of Playstation Exclusive Agent

By   /   Aug 17, 2011

Rockstar’s Agent is one of those Playstation 3 exclusive whose existence remains a mystery. It is yet to be officially shown off by the developer since its first reveal back in 2009 but its name does occasionally pops up on resumes, or in the portfolio of people who have worked on it.

One such incident occurred recently, discovered by GameSpot, and seems to be the concept art of the game. Found in the portfolio of concept artist Leigh Donoghue, the above artwork has the first visuals of the game. The concept artist outed the images on his personal website, which has since been removed. He is now employed as an architecture visualization specialist (Reality Concept Artist).

He presumably drew the above concept art during his work at Rockstar North from April 2005 to November 2009 – an employment that ended months after Agent’s E3 reveal that year. We haven’t been given any official confirmation but the fact that Donoghue has worked on several other Rockstar projects while employed there, is enough to confirm credibility of these images.

On the official note, Agent is ‘Still in Development’, alongside Max Payne 3, another title lurking in shadows. May be they are both on honeymoon in South America ? you never know.

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