Watch DmC Gameplay Footage From Gamescom

By   /   Aug 16, 2011

The Devil May Cry series has been, on average, a reputable one. Though it had its ups and downs, it was definitely one of the first few games to introduce such intense hack-and-slash gameplay, which probably inspired the creation of games such as Ninja Gaiden and God of War.

Ninja Theory have been working on the fifth game of the Devil May Cry series, and they have shown an action-packed trailer of it at GamesCom. This Devil May Cry game will be a re-launch of the series, and shall come out next year for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The trailer doesn’t show much except for the well-known hack-and-slash mechanics and the inclusion of a very different looking Dante. You can even see the old white-haired Dante doing his stuff with his trusted sword and ‘Ebony and Ivory’ pistols, though the other portrayals – sometimes carrying scythes while other times grappling guns (or maybe both) – seem to be new to the series.

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