SSX RiderNet, Customized Events and Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

By   /   Aug 16, 2011

SSX creative director Todd Batty took the stage on Gamescom to announce several new features for the xtreme sports title which looks to be heavily inspired by EA’s recent racing titles. SSX will allow players to create customized events, which can be global and up to 100,000 players can compete in simultaneously in real-time.

SSX will also feature an Autolog-like-service called RiderNet, powered by the same engine as Autolog which will allow players to like certain drops and then recommend those drops to their friends to try. RiderNet will also keep track of your friends, allow them to vote certain drops up and down. In case you do a personal best during an event, a ghost of the run will be uploaded for your friends to compete against.

EA also announced the pre-order bonuses for the game – These are detailed below for your eyes only! Note. All the pre-order bonuses come with a bonus boost.

  • GameStop – Legendary SSX character Eddie Wachowski, and his Elite snowboard.
  • Origin – Elise’s Elite snowboard.
  • Amazon – Mac’s Elite snowboard.
  • Best Buy – Zoe’s Elite snowboard.
  • Wal-Mart – Kaori’s Elite snowboard.

Our interest is RiderNet. Can’t wait to get our hands-on it.

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