Shepard Needs To be Squad Leader First In Mass Effect 3

By   /   Aug 16, 2011

Mass Effect 3 takes the fight back to Earth. It’s difficult to fight against the massive numbers and being a hero just won’t cut it this time for Shepard. He must be more than a hero, a leader who leads his small unit on a journey to save the Earth. It would be a test for Shepard but this is something he must pass.

Bioware released the Part 1 of the combat trailer series at Gamescom 2011 during EA’s press conference detailing some of the new combat mechanics of Mass Effect 3 and most importantly showing us some of the new squad controls, which will really test your leadership abilities. Ofcourse, you can use the same commands using voice with Kinect, which would make things a bit easy on the battlefield.

You won’t find much to say about it, but still, we want you to try to tell us exactly which combat mechanics it shows – consider it a challenge.

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