Possible Leak of Next Call of Duty Game

By   /   Aug 16, 2011

Recently, a game in-development was leaked over Xbox Live which could possibly be the next Call of Duty game after Modern Warfare 3. The game is codenamed Iron Wolf, and is apparently being developed by Treyarch for a release in 2012.

The leak was from an Xbox forum post with screens of it being played by someone at Treyarch. Interestingly, the video of these pictures were also removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by Activision, which also hints of it possibly being a true addition in the Call of Duty series.

The authenticity of the leak is questionable; as it is quite unlikely Treyarch would so openly test the game on a retail Xbox 360 console.

On the other hand the codename Iron Wolf does have a connection with the Cold War, which was the primary focus of Black Ops. Iron Wolf is a Lithuanian spec-ops unit formed in 1991 to defend the newly independent Lithuania from military assaults by the USSR.

The events that lead to the creation of the Iron Wolf were formed by the Cold War, and it is quite possible that the game Iron Wolf is set in the era, and connects Black Ops to the final years of the Soviet Union.

Chances of this leak being authentic are fifty-fifty. Share your thoughts about this topic by commenting below.

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