Escape Plan – A Cute But Brutal PS Vita Game

By   /   Aug 16, 2011

Cute, but brutally bloody and violent – when have we seen that combination in games? Recent brilliant 2D games such as LIMBO and Super Meat Boy fall into the category, but apart from those there haven’t been too many.The PS Vita will bring another addition to this rather small-bunched category with the game called Escape Plan, which was revealed at GamesCom by Sony.

It seems to be a touch-controlled adventure game, starring a pair of simple-but-cute characters called Laarg and Lil, their names really just depicting their sizes. What makes the game rather interesting, and in the category of cute-but-brutal titles, is the violent and bloody way the characters die.

The environments are somewhat similar to those in Splosion Man, and players must navigate and use different items together to try to escape the level. There are also hazardous items that can be fatal to the two characters, and that is how the game gets it morbid nature.

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