DOTA 2 – What We Know So Far

By   /   Aug 16, 2011

DOTA 2, the sequel to the enormously popular Defense of the Ancients mod for WarCraft III, is creating a lot of hype, but hasn’t been publicly marketed as much.

DOTA officially was the most played online game in the history of gaming, and its enormous fans throughout the world want to know what changes and additions DOTA 2 is bringing.

Seeing that there are millions of dedicated DOTA players online, one would be compelled to think that the game would be focused more on hardcore players who are accustomed to the methodology of the strategic system.

However, Valve has stated that the game’s fundamental mechanics will be suited for all people. Players will play against opponents with the same skills as theirs to prevent unfair and/or harsh gameplay (as happens with most first-person shooter games).

Dota 2

As far as the gameplay is concerned, DOTA 2 will follow the same system as in its predecessor. Players will control a single unit who starts off with barely anything, and progresses onwards to become immensely powerful. The game will be more of how well a player anticipates his/her teammates and opponents, and not being of reflexes. Nevertheless it will be fast-paced with lots of action, but will encourage teamwork not solo-gaming.

Experience-denial mechanics such as counter-killing your own creeps etc will return. This is something of a concern for most fans, as it generally has a large impact towards the end of a game. However, Valve is unmoved with its decision and thinks that this adds to the strategic twist of the entire gameplay.

Dota 2

The sequel will also improve the social interactions of community, providing ‘tools’ that will allow players to help each other in the game. New comers will be able to train under more experienced players. As most freshmen come through their friends, they can get help from them in making themselves competitive players.

Dota 2

Well, that’s all that is known so far. Valve has been very vague as far as raw details are concerned – I suppose they might have a reason for it. Share your thoughts about what you are expecting from DOTA 2 by commenting below.

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