Football Manager 2012 To Feature More Than 800 Improvements

By   /   Aug 15, 2011

A team full of talented players without a competitive manager is just like an army without a general. That’s how important a manager is to any football team. At first, you may find the football managing games a mere waste of time but once you understand its true essence, you may feel like “Jose Mourinho” of the virtual world.

It’s due to realism and detailed outlook of these games that cover every aspect and task of a typical football manager. Sega has produced the same managing experience for seven years now and its award-winning Football Manager series is about to get a new installment, “Football Manager 2012”.

Along with hundreds of improvements, the game will feature 50+ leagues to compete in. Among other prominent features is the new 3D match engine which will give a closer look to the pitch with improved animations and crowd. New camera angles will be included so that you don’t miss any piece of action.

Scouting system has been expanded with detailed reports of what can be expected in the upcoming season. Being a manager, you can also select the tone of your voice to guide the players. You can get offended or pleased depending upon the performance of your players. There are 6 tones to choose from and each tone will correspond to a particular comment.

The new “intelligent interface” will allow players to customize the layout with new filters and customizable columns. With a high-resolution screen, you will be able to get access to more info and stats at one screen. Then there are many other improvements – like contracts and transfers are according to modern clauses, improved youth system and many more.

There is something for the newbies too this time – a new section of tutorials to get started with the game. Stay tuned for more updates.

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