Sniper Elite V2 Shoots Its Way To PC With Sharp Shooter Trailer

By   /   Aug 13, 2011

Those who love picking out enemies from 300 yards away, there is a short but awesome trailer of Sniper Elite V2 showing off just what exactly a sniper can do to both its poor victim and the impact on the entire battle.

True, the fellow didn’t really follow the first rule of sniper school, which is to never stick out your sniper outside a window, but he was mighty accurate, and the X-ray vision simply was a synonym to ‘owned’.

Originally, Sniper Elite V2 was planned to be a console release only. However, Rebellion folks understand that PC gamers are better behind the scope than the analog-stick-using consolers, and now they are self-funding a PC version of the game. Mighty thanks to them for their efforts.

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