Final Fantasy XIII-2 – What We Know So Far

By   /   Aug 13, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is getting a lot of attention, from both gamers and the developers, to be over-looked if you’re a fan of the series. True that majority of the spin-offs haven’t worked for Square Enix, but the developers are ever-so-eagerly indicating that FFXIII-2 won’t meet the same fate.

So what is so different about this game, and how will it improve over its predecessor Final Fantasy XIII, which was, mind you, a very good game despite the enormous amount of criticism it got. Here are a few things that Square Enix is doing with the game:

Non-linear Gameplay
Linear, linear, linear… that’s probably one complain I’ve heard more than a dozen times over the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix is equally aware of this accusation as everyone who’s played the game is, and that is the first thing they are planning to change in FFXIII-2. The game still won’t be overly open world like The Elder Scrolls games, but it will certainly not be linear, and shall attempt to hit the sweet spot which previous Final Fantasy games managed to hit successfully.

Player-Driven Action
It is a fact that Final Fantasy XIII felt like a nice movie where you have to press a few buttons occasionally, and though it was a good experience, it certainly didn’t feel player-driven. FFXIII-2 is trying to change this. Cinematic action events will take place in battles, in which players will have involvement even in those flashy cinematics of the abilities the player uses. It’s something like QuickTime events, and not everyone is a fan of them, so we’re not quite sure whether it will work out for the best or otherwise.

More of the Side-Stuff
Monster Hunts will return in FFXIII-2, and we know as Final Fantasy fans that they are loads of fun as side quests. In FFXIII-2 Monster Hunts can be enjoyed from the beginning, and there are many side-missions and mini-games apart from the main story which the player can enjoy.

Random Encounters Are Back!
Yes, random encounters are indeed back. We haven’t seen random encounters since before FFXII, so it’s been a while. Not many people initially liked the concept of visible monsters lurking in open fields which can be engaged in Final Fantasy XII, but eventually every fan sort of got used to the system – to the extent that they actually started enjoying it. I must say that the return of random encounters might feel a little weird, and though it may keep you on your toes and tensed, it might also become annoying the way random encounters used to.

A Deeper Look Into The World of Final Fantasy XIII
I daresay I absolutely loved Lightning as a protagonist (and as a character), though the opinion about her comrades might be slightly different. Nevertheless the characters were quite deep, and FFXIII-2 isn’t being developed only to refurnish the weak spots of its predecessor, but also to have a deeper look into its magical world and its fantastic main characters.

What’s your take on what you know so far ?

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