Dev Talks About Weapons In Battlefield 3

By   /   Aug 12, 2011

One of the most important aspects of a first-person shooter is how the guns feel and handle. I daresay I’ve played some games that were good solely because of their guns, where others have had great potential but an imperfect gameplay due to lack of effort on the projectile weapons.

Battlefield 3 has impressed all with its stunning graphics, its potentially engaging singleplayer gameplay, and it’s already fantastic looking multiplayer, and now it wants us to know a few things about the guns – not which guns are to be featured, mind you, but how much effort, and what type of effort, is being put into making the experience of handling guns real, enjoyable, and satisfying.

Senior Designer Alan Kertz is the dude who is spending his office times poring over notes, graphs and every other information-containing material to find key subtleties of how real guns handle, and how these subtleties can be implemented in the gameplay of Battlefield 3. Authenticity is the key in such a realistic war-based shooter, particularly in the case of weapons – the folks at DICE know this as well as we do, so they’ve brought in experts like Andy McNab for military advice.

Compared to Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2, there is a lot of focus on the real-life handling of guns. Details like reloading, length of barrel and its effects on performance, mobility, bullet trajectories, muzzle velocity and energy, etcetera, are all being looked at. More importantly, they are working on these variables in such as way that the difference is actually tangible, and elaborate why folks prefer one kind of weapon (both in real-life and games) over the other.

The weapon arsenals from both the United States and Russian military are being featured in the game, along with classic weapons with a bit of redesigns that give a competing combat role. The amount of weapons is accompanied by an equally large amount of customizability options, and even an average looking, non user-friendly weapon can become your best friend with a bit of smart customizing.

If graphics, singleplayer gameplay, and intense multiplayer action weren’t enough to impress you, then the accurately modeled guns, along with their immense customizability, will surely fulfill your desires of an intense, realistic, and epic first-person shooter.

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