Angry Birds Hits Google Plus Before Facebook

By   /   Aug 12, 2011

It’s a clear fact that Google Plus aims to compete with Facebook. The new social platform by Google has almost all the features as Facebook but in slightly different manner.

Social gaming was a factor lacking on Google Plus but not for long as it kicks things off with a well-known game, “Angry Birds”. The initiative is more beneficial as the game is available on Google plus before Facebook. According to the firm:

Angry Birds on Google+ is an ongoing HTML 5 project that lets users share game updates with friends, take part in leaderboard, brag about their achievements, unlock special social levels, and invite people to play

After its initial launch, we can expect updates like in the mobile versions.

Following its successful mobile gaming strategy, Rovio will continually bring in exciting new features based on user feedback

Mikael Hed, the CEO thinks that it is a great initiative and more games will follow:

Angry Birds for Google+ Games is a great start, but it’s just our first step in social gaming. As our fans know, we constantly look for ways to update and innovate our products. We want to delight our users by going way beyond what they were expecting. Social gaming is going to be massive, and we’re very excited about what we have coming up next

If they can continue bringing unique titles like “Angry Birds” to the platform, they can attract a considerable amount of users to enhance the radius.

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