Valve Adds Trade Feature In Steam

By   /   Aug 11, 2011

We do like our collection of games that we’ve been gathering up, but sometimes a collection, especially a virtual one, can get a little annoying, as the tons of extra copy junk you once paid for and never touched really becomes worthless, and one can’t decide what to do with it.

This was the case with all the Steam sales you’ve paid into. But fear not my gaming brethren, as Valve’s latest Steam beta client attempts to give you a chance to clear-up your closet, and that too with a bit of gain.

What I mean by this emotional talk is that now you’ll be able to trade-in games for games, virtual items for items or games for items – the choice is yours! Currently however, only Team Fortress 2 is the item-for-item trade-in for the beta client, but Valve is also trying to get support in for games like Portal 2. Valve is also trying to get third-party developers to integrate trading and inventories into their games.

However, trades can be made of only unused Gifts and Guest Passes, and not used games or games that are not in the form of Gifts. A full FAQ page is available for those who want to know the detailed features of this system.

Ask me personally and I would say that this isn’t a fully baked feature, and requires a lot of polishing and some further encouragement. Have your say about this program by commenting below!

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