Ubisoft Teases Might & Magic Heroes VI Story

By   /   Aug 11, 2011

Might & Magic Heroes VI is a 2D turn-based strategy game but it isn’t, by any means incapable of telling an epic story. Ubisoft has released this new CGI story teaser to demonstrate the story-telling aspect of the game.

This is again one of those pre-gamescom teasers which will get their extended versions on August 17. Gamescom kicks off next week, so make sure you check back with us for more on the story of the Might & Magic VI. Meanwhile watch the teaser below and share your excitement about the game.

From what I have seen about the game (BETA), I can infer that Heroes VI will bring the winning Might & Magic formula when it’s released on October 13. Expect more from us about the game, come Gamescom.

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