Create Your Custom Cities in Ridge Racer: Unbounded

By   /   Aug 10, 2011

Ridge Racer: Unbounded takes the Ridge Racer series in an entirely new direction. In fact, it is a new brand underneath the umbrella of Ridge Racer brand much like EA’s Need For Speed. And if there was any doubt, this newly released Gamescom 2011 trailer of Ridge Racer: unbounded proves it by showing us a new feature.

That is, your ability to create custom cities. It’s doesn’t show it in much detail so hopefully, we will see an extended version of this trailer come Gamescom. If the trailer got you excited, hold it there because you aren’t going to get it in 2011.

Ridge Racer: Unbounded still have no release date though Namco Bandai are planning to release it sometime in 2012.

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