Assassin’s Creed Revelations Multiplayer Beta Guide

By   /   Aug 10, 2011

Assassin’s Creed Revelations will get multiplayer beta in September with limited access to Uplay members and Playstation Plus subscribers. It will begin on September 3rd and will help Ubisoft test multiplayer aspects of the game and tweak it if necessary.

It will feature nine characters, three maps, four modes, eight abilities, four perks and much more. If you want to read through all the details, you will find them below.

Assassins Creed: Revelations Characters

There are nine characters that will be available to you in Beta. They are all unlocked and will feature unique abilities and animations. You can also customize their ability sets.

The Sentinel
A Wallachian noble by birth and a former Assassin, Vali cel Tradat seeks satisfaction through vengeance. Favorite weapon is Long Katar.

The Vanguard
Oksana Razin worked for the Templars as a spy before joining their Order, exchanging loyalty for wealth. Favorite weapon is Small Axe

The Guardian
The estranged cousin of a Sultan, Odai Dunqas embraces the Templar ideology of seeking peace through order and stability. Favorite weapon is Lance.

The Vizier
Damat Ali Pasha joined the Templars in hopes of bringing order and glory to a world ruled by chaos. Favorite weapon is Sword.

The Thespian
The Templars often rely on Lysistrata’s seductive charisma to influence Ottoman officials and visiting monarchs. Favorite weapon is Dagger.

The Deacon
Cyril of Rhodes uses his position in the Church to destroy it from within and further Templar dominance. Favorite weapon is Long Sword.

The Bombardier
Kadir is a strong asset to the Templars. He trades weapons and information for money and power. Favorite weapon is Mace.

The Trickster
A canny thief, the fortune-teller Mirela Djuric is the Templars’ link to a vast underworld of criminal activity. Favorite weapon is Dagger.

The Champion
The professional fighter Georgios Kostas has earned the Templars’ esteem and the right to fight for the red cross. Favorite weapon is Small Axe.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Beta Maps

Maps in Assassin’s Creed Revelations will be more tactical compared to Maps in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. There will three maps in BETA, which are:

  • Knight’s Hospital
  • Antioch
  • Constantinople

Assassins Creed Revelations Multiplayer Modes

There will be four game modes available in Beta. Among these, two are fan favorite returning from Assassins Creed Brotherhood, while the other two are new modes designed in response to player feedback.

Kill your target while avoiding the pursuer. The higher is your rank, the more pursuers are on your trail. Skillful kills will earn you more bonus.

  • Free for all – 4-8 players
  • Session – 1 round of 10 minutes

Hide with your allies or work together with your team to kill your targets. Skillful kills and hiding with your allies will boost your score.

  • Team – 4-8 players, 2 teams
  • Session – 2 rounds of 5 minutes

Deathmatch (NEW)
You will assigned targets; find and kill them and avoid getting killed by your pursuers. Templars will be competing in a small area without triggering Chases with your compass disabled. Another interesting aspect of this mode is, only one of each character type walks the map, so targets are easy to spot. Again, you will be rewarded for your skills.

  • Free for all – 4-8 players
  • Session – 1 round of 10 minutes

Artifact Assault (NEW)
In this game mode, you are assigned to steal enemy’s artifact from their bass and bring it back to yours. When you are in your own territory, you are pursuer and can kill opponents, but once you move into enemy territory, you become a target and can be killed. The team with highest score wins.

  • Team – 4-8 players, 2 teams
  • Session – 1 round of 10 minutes

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Beta Abilities

There are eight abilities available to you in BETA. Some are available initially while for others, you will have work your way up the rank. Though, once unlocked, you will be able to customize your set of abilities.

Tripwire Bomb (NEW)
Arm it and trap your enemies to step on it. It will explode turning them to… Well, Ashes ?

Closure (NEW)
Closure ability triggers all chase-breakers around you. It’s a perfect ability to trap pursuers or when you want to prevent the escape of a target.

It helps you blend in with the crowd, very helpful in the new Death Match mode.

Fire Crackers
Blind the opponents and scare the crowd by dropping few firecrackers on the ground. Now all you need to do, notice the crowd behavior and you will find your target. Hopefully you will be able to notice the obvious different between AI and HI – Human Intelligence.

Throwing Knives
With this ability, you can throw your knives. It will slow them down or make them fall when climbing.

Smoke Bomb
You can create a distraction using smoke bomb. Confuse the crowd and rival Templars.

Well, Poison your target to give them a slow death.

Really helpful ability. With this, you can transform characters from the crowd into your duplicates, hiding you from pursuers. It’s ideal for the new deathmatch mode where you can’t remain hidden for long.

Perks, Kill Streaks and Loss Bonuses

You have four perks, four kill streaks and four loss bonuses available in Beta, but to unlock them you will have to rank up. These are mix of old and new abilities.

  • Sentry Perk (NEW) – Increase the out-of-sight duration of your lock.
  • Enhanced Auto-Bash Perk – Increases the number of CIVILLIANS you can bash before losing your balance.
  • Hot Pursuit Perk (NEW) – Increases your speed when you run after your TARGET and slows down the depletion of your APPROACH METER.
  • Blender Perk – Each time you blend with a crowd, one CIVILLIAN automatically Morphs into your lookalike.
  • 3 Kills Streak – Earn an additional bonus of 200 points for every 3 kills or stun Streaks performed without dying.
  • 2 Silent Kills Streak – Earn an additional bonus of 200 points for every 2 Silent kills performed without dying.
  • Silent Animus Hack Streak (NEW) – When the streak counter reaches 6, you will hack the Animus, raining arrows down from the sky and killing all other Templar Agents.
  • Animus Hack Streak (NEW) – When the streak counter reaches 8, you will hack the Animus, raining arrows down from the sky and killing all other Templar Agents.
  • Vision Loss Bonus (NEW) – Reveals the location of out-of-sight TARGETS until you perform a kill. Occurs after 5 deaths or stuns in a row.
  • Tracker Loss Bonus (NEW) – Reveals a TARGET in your sight by highlighting their path with a yellow aura until you perform a kill. Occurs after 5 contract losses in a row.
  • Revelation Loss Bonus (NEW) – Reveals all PURSUERS in your sight until you perform a kill. Occurs after 5 deaths or stuns in a row.
  • Minor Hack Loss Bonus (NEW) – Allows you to kill your next TARGET from a distance. Occurs after 5 contract losses in a row.

Assassins Creed Revelations Beta Playlist

Playlists are your presets – Search Criteria. New to Assassins Creed Revelations they will enable you to jump into the gametype of your choice as quickly as possible.

  • Free For All – Joins next available match in Wanted or Deathmatch modes on any Map.
  • Team – Joins next available match in Manhunt or Artifact Assault modes on any Map.
  • Welcome – Joins next available match in Deathmatch mode on any Map. Abstergo’s idea of a warm welcome…

Customize Your Ability Sets

You can customize Abilities, Perks, Kill Streaks and Loss Streaks with your ability sets. There will be two pre-defined ability sets in Assassins Creed Revelations. They will be completely customizable but will only available to you when you reach certain rank.

Abstergo Credits

This is your currency in Assassins Creed Revelations that you will earn while playing matches as well as for your performance. You will need to purchase new abilities and stuff with Abstergo Credits once they are unlocked.

Assassins Creed Revelations Multiplayer Level Cap

You will only be able to rank-up to 30 in Beta. All these abilities and unlocks are also representative of this level cap.

Customize Your Character

There are lots of new options that will enable you to customize your characters in Assassins Creed Revelations in ways that you haven’t done before. You will be able to modify Character’s body parts (Belts, Torso, Legs and Arms) and your character’s favorite weapon after reaching the level cap of 30. This doesn’t end here, there are lots of other customizations like new Patron Pictures, Titles and Emblems that will be available for display on your Templar Profile.


Similar to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood but difficult this time. They will need you to do specific actions during gameplay sessions by using your skills and abilities.


They will accessible in Beta – Your bragging RIGHTS.

Among other things, you will be able to pre load the beta before the launch so you get in the game right when the beta commences. No word on if you will be able to keep your progress in Beta.

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