Wii U Won’t Be Transitional – Peter Moore

By   /   Aug 9, 2011

Every console owner has had his/her own opinion about what ‘revolution’ the Wii U will bring about, and though the amount of interest is super-high, Nintendo is keeping quiet until at least next year.

There is no concrete information on the system’s pricing, release date or any firm details of its hardware. EA’s COO Peter Moore has his own thoughts about where the upcoming console would stand, and how it would look to improve on its heavily criticized weakness of lack of a robust online platform.

“People will start talking about it being a transitional platform. And I don’t think that’s going to be the case, and here’s why. I think the [tablet] controller [is huge]. This is not about specs anymore. This is about, as it was with the Wii, the controller [being] a unique way of enjoying a game experience, regardless of what the graphic fidelity is.”

Moore also stated that current generation games, such as Battlefield 3, have almost set a limit to the graphical prowess attainable on any sort of a platform.

“Look, you saw Battlefield – how much better could this stuff look at some point? There’s a point of diminishing returns… I don’t even know if there’s anything better than 1080p. In the early days of our industry, this stuff was absolutely about how much better the games looked – shinier helmets, greener grass – but I’ve been around long enough to know that seeing your breath in a football game is a huge deal. But that’s no longer the case anymore. Now it’s about interfaces. Now it’s about building a community in a rich, powerful,way. And now it’s about, ‘What is the way we can control the game?’ You’ve seen that with Move, you’ve seen it with Wii MotionPlus more recently, and you’ve certainly seen it with Kinect.”

As far as the online gaming capability of the Wii U is concerned, Moore isn’t too worried, and thinks that Nintendo now understands the social demands of the gaming community, and that online gaming is extremely important in the modern day era.

Well, we’ve seen more than one sign that the Wii U may not be bringing anything new in-terms of graphics, but will be focusing on user interaface and gaming experience.

Honestly this is perhaps the largest area to work on, as graphics are no longer the primary demand, since we’ve almost already reached this generation’s potential in creating photo-realistic games.

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