Resistance 3 Multiplayer – Australian Map Revealed

By   /   Aug 9, 2011

The multiplayer of Resistance 3 has taken us all across the world, with many of the main maps being outside the United States.

The PlayStation blog has been regularly revealing maps individually for the past few months, and we’ve seen locations such as Bogata, Colombia, Republic of Chad in Africa and Glamorgan, Wales UK.

The latest map revealed is the 16-player map set in the Australian Outback, the Main Street of Alice Springs, Australia. The dusty, desert-town of Australia has an iconic feature that would make it perfect for the resistance-filled world of, well, Resistance.

According to the lore of Resistance, the place is the site of a gigantic refugee camp called Avalon One. However, the enormous amount of refugees strained the food supply, civil war started in 1952 due to internal tensions.

Eventually the Chimera arrived and invaded the area, as was the case with everywhere else. Now the remnants of the civilization fight back in one of the most inhospitable climates to the Chimeras.

The Alice Springs map is mostly compact with a typical desert-town feel, primarily encouraging close-combat while still having opportunities for those who prefer ranged weaponry. You can have your experience of this map and many more on September 8th, the release date of Resistance 3 for Australia and New Zealand.

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