Dead Island Bloody Mess Coop Trailer – Fight Together

By   /   Aug 9, 2011

What if you were alone to face zombie apocalypse in Dead Island ? You wouldn’t survive. Just because developers want you to survive in Dead Island doesn’t mean things will be less messy with your companions along.

They would just help not feel lonely otherwise there are enough zombies to stack up empire state building in Dead Island. May be even more. You never know how many you are up against when a horde attacks. Ammunition won’t be enough, so you would have to use everything around you as your weapon when the need be.

It would be relatively easy when you are playing with friends in coop. Playing together means, everyone has to watch each other’s back or die but it would be messy anyway and there would be Blood. Lots of Zombie Blood!

These will be your coop companions, two boys and two gals. For more, go to our Dead Island coverage page.

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