Borderlands 2 Coop, Skill Tree, Weapons, Enemies and More

By   /   Aug 8, 2011

Borderlands 2 after getting confirmed recently got its first exclusive preview in the latest edition of GameInformer and with that came all the new details about the title. Read the summary below in a more digestible way.

Borderlands 2 will keep its coop multiplayer and will support up to 4 players this time. Vehicles in the game will have more variety to it, each supporting four seats. Four players will be able to board a vehicle and move together.

Eridium will be a type of in-game currency that you can use to enhance your weapons. Buy upgrades and install weapon mods. Vault Hunters will be retained from the original game but are NPCs in Borderlands 2.

Guzerker are more badass and can duel-wield any weapon. Speaking of weapons, every bandit in Borderlands 2 World will have access to their own type of weaponry. Since all the weapons in Borderlands 2 will be unique and new, you can expect certain style, color and personality associated to each manufacturer’s weaponry. Don’t like the stock weapon styles ? add custom decals and enhancements to your weapons and make them fit your style and taste.

Enemies in Borderlands 2 will more responsive, varied and intelligent. They will interact better with each other and move around more. NPCs have also been improved to be more active and interact with objects around them.

Borderlands 2 will retain the three branch system skill tree of the original game. Claptrap will also be retained from the original game. There will be lots of items to pickup and some pickups will also provide temporary buffs.

Story missions won’t be static. You can expect more dynamic game in Borderlands 2. Stay tuned to SegmentNext and we will update you as soon as we have more on Borderlands 2.

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