Battlefield 3 To Be Deepest Shooter in Franchise History

By   /   Aug 8, 2011

According to the latest Battlefield blog, Battlefield 3 will be the ‘deepest shooter in the history of DICE’ with more than 10 times the available weapons and gadgetry than in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. There will also be huge amounts of unlocks for vehicles and ranks which players can brag about.

DICE has been eager to keep everyone on the edge of their seats by regularly releasing interesting news now and then, and this one mainly targets those who enjoy the challenge of acquiring trophies and climbing up the ranks in a game.

Achievement medals, ribbons, and service stars will also be in large quantities, and an experience and skilled player can be differentiated from a lesser by the rank he/she has. According to the blog ‘the ultimate bragging right would be for a player having the rank of a Colonel and 100 stars in all weapons, kits and vehicles’.

Well, good luck with trying to achieve that, since it’s quite clear that there shall be a ridiculously amazing amount of weapons to master, gadgets to use, and achievements to unlock.

Battlefield 3 is definitely shaping up to be the all-round perfect first-person shooter game of the year, and we’ve seen it impress both critiques, fans, and neutral viewers alike, whether it’s been the graphics, the singleplayer campaign, or the multiplayer mode.

DICE is certainly trying to perfect each and every aspect and feature of the game, and this also applies to the fluidity of combat, as weapons and classes won’t be entirely restricted to certain paradigms.

They will be flexible enough so that an Assault class can act as either a self-sustaining, self-healing class, or an all-out-dominating class. Same goes for weapons, as Assault rifles can be modified to suit close-quarter combat, or equipped with a heavy barrel for precision shooting.

Yes, as hard as it may sound, we still have to wait till the end of October to get a grasp on the awesomeness this game has to offer.

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