Battlefield 3 Rewards & Unlocks – Ribbons, Medals and Service Stars

DICE is determined to make Battlefield 3, the deepest shooter in the history of the franchise. Hence they have introduced what might be the most persistent unlock system that rewards the dedication, skill and hard work.

DICE maintains its stance to support hardcore community, fans who literally play Battlefield games for years.

It will do so with help of Battlefield 3’s persistent reward system that will require you to spend years playing Battlefield 3 for certain reward or unlock.

These unlocks are spread over weapons, weapons attachments, gadgets, vehicles and much more. If you think Bad Company 2’s multiplayer offered persistent rewards, Battlefield 3 has 10 times more of these.

Unlocks and Rewards in Battlefield 3 are of three types:

  • Medals
  • Ribbons
  • Service Stars

These display your skill, commitment, and teamplay prowess. Whether you are good at killing the most enemies in one round, or taking X amount of bases in one round, you will be rewarded appropriately.

Don’t worry if you are doing your duty as a medic reviving players, or as an engineer making sure your team’s vehicles are in good condition, you will rewarded for your effort. Most of the skill-driven rewards will be given in the form of Ribbons, and you can get more than one of these in a single round.

From top left to bottom right: Assault Rifle Ribbon (7 assault rifle kills in a round), Nemesis Ribbon (2 nemesis kills), MVP Ribbon (be the best player in a round), Ace Squad Ribbon (be part of the best squad in a round), Medical Efficiency Ribbon (5 revives in a round), and finally the Air Warfare Ribbon (6 air kills in a round).

While Ribbons will show your skills, dedicated hardcore fans will be rewarded with much-harder to get Medals, that show how much time you have spent mastering a weapon, vehicle or playing as a specific class.

From left to right: Maintenance Medal (obtain the Maintenance Ribbon 50 times), Marksman Medal (obtain the Marksman Ribbon 50 times), and the U.S. Army Service Medal (spend 100 hours in the U.S. Army.)

Battlefield 3’s ranking system would be similar to Bad Company 2. Ranking up each class would unlock you weapons and equipments of that class, and it will also be a measure of your progress. They are lots of ranks to unlock in Battlefield 3 but is that enough ? certainly not.

With Battlefield 3, DICE has added another layer to the ranking system with the new concept of Service Stars to challenge the hardcore players. Service Stars are like your major achievement, they don’t come easy but once you have your first, you have earned yourself some bragging rights. Service Stars are added to your weapon’s skill badge, vehicle, kit and your overall rank.

Why should you give a fuck about Service Stars? Well, anytime your kill card is displayed, everyone will know exactly how experienced you are with your current equipment. It will help differentiate veterans. The ultimate challenge even for a veteran would be to get the rank of Colonel with 100 Service Stars attached, and to have 100 stars in all weapons, kits, and vehicles. DICE literally challenges you to get this.

It doesn’t end here, this new improved Unlock system allows you to customize your equipment kit to your style of play. Which DICE considers their ultimate goal, since it will allow players to get the maximum out of the complex class system of Battlefield 3.

These Unlocks and upgrades are more tactical in nature and force you to choose the right load-out based on the map and situation. This system invites new players to gel in with veterans, which also makes Battlefield 3 attractive to young audience as it gives new comers the freedom to adapt by tweaking their own style of play on the go.

It’s impressive at the very least, but we are more concerned about your take on this. Battlefield 3 Beta will be your first chance to get hands-on experience of Battlefield 3, read the FAQ to enhance your chances of getting into beta.

We want to hear your thoughts on this, so don’t hold back and comment away.

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