First Screenshots of Bungie’s New Game Which Absolutely Will Be A Game Changer

By   /   Aug 5, 2011

Yesterday, Bungie celebrated its 20th anniversary and released an hour-long documentary, which talks about all the thrills of the journey, evolution of Bungie to become one of the most successful studios and Halo. It also gives us hints and show us some media of their new project Codenamed ‘Tiger‘, which will be published by Activision.

Right at the end of this emotional anniversary documentary, we get to see what are the first few screenshots and a logo of Bungie’s new game codenamed ‘Tiger’.

Codename Tiger

These screenshots show us a mountain range, and first look at their new engine; perhaps showing how they built that mountain range in the previous screenshots.

Codename Tiger

Is this really the media of project Codenamed ‘Tiger’ ? we don’t know but it is highly likely. Bungie Executive producer Joseph Tung was very optimistic about their new project and he believes “that it absolutely will be a game-changer in the way that Halo was a game-changer”. While another studio member asks and then leave us intrigued – “How can anything be bigger than Halo? Well, we’ll find out.”

Right at the end we see the logo in space – Will it be another Sci-Fi flick ?

Codename Tiger

Bungie has gone radio silent for a while, so it won’t be soon, that we find out anything about this new title they are working on. Meanwhile, tell us if you agree with ‘If it’s not scary, it’s not good’.

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