Brink is Free This Week – Get It Before It’s Late

By   /   Aug 5, 2011

Splash Damage is running a one-week free trial for their once plagued first person shooter ‘Brink’. It prides itself for giving you the freedom to use the environment as your weapon as you navigate through the obstacles using sexy SMART system.

It scored seven in our review, but is worth every second of your time at zero dollars. Brink will be free to play on Steam until Sunday, 1pm PDT so give it a try if you are bored. It prides itself in the team-play oriented multiplayer and customizations.

This free offer has been timed to coincide with Agents of Change DLC, which is also free for two weeks and can be downloaded from Steam. If you need help on the game, check our walkthrough, classes and abilities guide. If you can’t figure out the large maps, check our free play maps guide.

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