Sony Gives PS Vita Dev Kit For Free To An Indie

By   /   Aug 2, 2011

You know the great thing about independent developers is their ability to come with new ideas even in this saturated video games industry. These new ideas if given attention can then be crafted into big-name titles.

We already know EA Sports is going indie and now Gamasutra reports that Sony has loaned PS Vita Dev Kit to an Independent developer (Rubicon) to port its iOS title ‘Great Little War Game” to PS Vita.

Paul Johnson, the managing director of Rubicon says:

They really do seem to have gotten behind smaller developers, based on my experience and from talking with other small devs, and I think they should be saluted for it.We’re entering a new era in which digital downloads can be translated into mass market sales for smaller operators – once only the preserve of the big boys.

It’s not confirmed that whether Rubicon can keep the kits permanently or Sony has loaned them just for the project. If they take it back, it will be nothing more than a cautious step before Vita’s official release. Will they give the development kits for free to any other indie development team? Well, I doubt that.

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