Everything You Need To Know About EA Sports Season Ticket

By   /   Aug 2, 2011

EA Sports rolled out its paid subscription program for a number of sports titles for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. If you have missed it or found it bitter, hold your thoughts till you read the details.

It ask for you to pay an annual subscription of $24.99 or 2000 MSP to get access extra perks for five sports title: Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and NCAA Football.

Season Pass will grant you early access ‘Five Days Early’ (for 3 days) to these sports titles. You get special 20% discounts on all the DLC for these games and get access premium web content.

Your save data during the early access period will transfer over to retail release but Ultimate Team Feature won’t be available during early access.

For now, EA has only detailed FIFA 12 web content, which is the premium creation center. It gives you extra options in creating your own teams and tourneys on your browser for use in the game but it will only be available as long as you are signed up to the subscription service.

You also get a Membership Badge which will show up in games and on your EA Sports.com profile. It doesn’t end here, EA plans to extend this service based on feedback to deepen players’ connections to the sports and games they love, EA communications director Jen Riley told GameInformer.

EA Sports has a broad-reaching vision of connectivity between platforms and franchises, and what we are announcing today with EA Sports Season Ticket is the first iteration of one of the foundational elements to provide great digital benefits to our core customers. In addition to evolving Season Ticket based on user feedback, our broader plans will continue to include connected services that deepen our players’ connections to the sports and games they love.

I will hold back my opinion for now but do you as a consumer really see any value in this service ? Early Access, Badge, Premium small features, Discount on DLCs; Is that enough to call for an yearly subscription ?

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