Witcher 2 Delayed On Xbox 360

By   /   Aug 1, 2011

Xbox 360 fans won’t be getting the RPG master piece ‘The Witcher 2’ this year since it has been pushed to Q1 2012 to give developer more time to refine the RPG experience on console. It may also be due to the recent Namco lawsuit after CD Projekt announced THQ as the publisher for the console version of the game.

CD Projekt hasn’t explicitly given any reason, but you can guess right ? Namco is on their arse for money after they choose THQ as a publisher for the port. Don’t worry though, you will still be able to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

If you can’t wait to play The Witcher 2, buy it on PC and refer to our Talent Tree, Alchemy, walkthrough, and Romance guide to get you started with the game. If you face any technical problems on PC, avoid the frustration by referring to our crashes troubleshooting guide.

If you think your PC isn’t performing as you would have expected, tweak it by following instructions in our tweak guide. See, we have you covered in every way.

Source. VG24/7

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